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Welcome to Global Gen!! We are producers of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) breeding stocks for the Pacific White Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) and we have been supplying quality stocks to shrimp farms all over Asia.


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Come and learn about Global Gen SPF Breeders, the leading shrimp breeders in Indonesia.

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Quality Assurance

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What are some of the locations around the world we have set foot on.

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"Global Gen SPF Breeders are produced in the only SPF accredited facility in Indonesia. Located on the island of Lombok, our facility supplies SPF shrimp breeding stock to any country in Asia within 12 hours from our farm."

GG breeders are marketed to customers all over the world with the assurances that the stocks are:

  1. Specially selected from proven reproductive lines
  2. Of suitable maturity age for quality egg production
  3. Guaranteed free of major viruses as listed under OIE
  4. Cultured under regimes that promote gonad development
  5. Conditioned and packed for shipping under minimal stress
  6. Shipped with a survival guarantee of 48 hours after receipt
  7. Capable of producing quality eggs for a minimum of 16 weeks